Do you mean what I see?

I do not think inside of the box.

I do not think outside of the box, either. 

For, I am the box.
However, the box is not I.

The box is but a frame around what I see myself to be.
Yet, there is no box, unless I want one.


Go look in the mirror.

Do you see the world around you?
Do you see yourself?
Do you gaze into your own eyes and think about your life how it is, or how it could be?

Do you see the edges where it stops reflecting?

When I reflect upon the world as I perceive it to be and how I am affected by it, as well as how I can affect it, I am often gazing into the looking glass.

A recent study I read says that if I stare into my reflection for long enough I will hallucinate. “Morphing” I believe they called it.

Why is that?
Am I so connected to my ego that I cannot deal with reality, so reality changes to suit my tastes?
Cognitive Dissonance.

Or am I so engaged in this spirtual process of self development that I am able to change too many details?
Law Of Attraction.

“The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

All these cliches and parables to coerce you into understanding my thought process.

See things from my point of view.

Are you able to see yourself?
Are you able to see the edges?
Are you able to move the mirror?
Are you willing to reflect upon your views, yet, hold true to what you see in front of you?

How many of us end up lost in this “box” idea?
So busy trying to fit into the framework.
Never looking at the world around us but only at ourselves.

How many of us end up losing sight of what we are?
So busy trying to wipe off the mirror instead of our faces.

When you can see that you are the box, you can then figure out what you’re made of.

Are you a cardboard box?
When dampened, stability is lost.

Are you a box made of steel?
Impenetrable, though, cold and hard.

Are you a box made of plastic?
Shiny and smooth, but fake, and probably recycled.

Are you a box surrounding a reflective pane?
Reflective, but enclosed.

Are you a box that another checks for you?
Unaware, yet binding.


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