Vaccines did NOT cause MY Autism.

I didn’t have “social problems” before I spent 8 collective years in various institutions, where “gifts” were “Trafficking” and “hand shakes” were “Gang Activity” simply because I was inside of a building.
I didn’t have “sensory deprivation disorder” until I spent 4 collective years in solitary confinement, reading for 18 hours a day to block out the screams of mentally ill inmates left untreated, the tactically adjusted heating/airconditioning, strategically scheduled 4am “shake downs” and 24/7 flickering flourescent lights.
I didn’t start to misunderstand the “social cues” that make the average person lie, cheat and steal to further their personal agenda based upon the morals they were taught but know are wrong  until I was paid to commit acts of violence by “Correctional Officers more often than I was by the so-called “Violent Criminals”.
I didnt have issues with “motive discernment” until I was told I was “too concerned” about what the institutions were doing, even if was illegal when I did it and I had memorized every “rulebook” Ive ever read and knew for a fact that it was against the institutional rules, when I did it.
I didn’t have “issues with physical contact” until I was stripped search, patted down and patted down again, multiple times a day.
I didn’t have a “strict, rigid routine” I would have “meltdowns” over until my urinary functions, sleep habits, meal times, leisure time, hygienic practices and clothing style were regulated and restricted and deviation from the protocol was “punishable”.
I didn’t have “limited interests” until I was restricted to learning about “approved subjects”.

I didn’t have “issues with communication” until my voice was unheard.
So, I’ll say it again.

Vaccines did NOT cause my fucking Autism.


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