Prison Planet

Maybe, there is “intelligent life”, elsewhere.
Maybe, this whole spinning rock is filled with criminals/rejects, from the rest of the universe.
Maybe, thats why they dont communicate with us, and WE describe THEM as “intelligent life”.
Maybe, thats why we kill each other.
Maybe, thats why we set out from 9-5 or 11-7 to rob, cheat and steal from each other with things we call “charm” and “working on our presentation”.
Even the highest pedestal of society, the Almighty J.O.B., is often built upon a foundation of deception and manipulation (encouraged by our peers) known as an “interview” where we “sell ourselves” with flashy clothes and carefully worded statements, meticulously omitting our weaknesses and faults, while inflating our worth… in “man hours”.
We all just want a better “work detail” in the prison.
Better perks.
More oppourtunities to hustle the other inmates.
Less attention on our wrongdoings.
Dreaming of escape or release dates.
Regretting our pasts but dreading our futures.
Until we can no longer protect our 8×10 and are transferred to the infirmary.
What lie we all live.
A box inside of a box inside of a box inside of a box inside of a…

“Stange how we decorate pain.” – Margaret Atwood


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