A bit jumpy, aren’t we?

I am often afraid.
Though I am more violent in thinking than I was yesterday.
More angry at the world than the day prior.
More aggressive toward others with each passing second.
I am, honestly, terrified.

I am afraid that there are so many lines drawn, so many differences noticed, I cannot point out the similarities.
Another “black man shot by police”.
Another “autistic man shot by police”.
Another… …shot by police.

I am afraid that there is not a “meme” or post witty enough to make this world a peaceful place to live in.
Another Tweet.
Another video.
Another hashtag.

I am afraid that custom and comfort will allow me and others like me to suffer.
Another sElection.
Another sHit-Show.
Another “Leader” of the “Free” world.

I am afraid of weak individuals gathering in groups to seek out weaker individuals to harm.
Another attack.
Another death.
Another gone.

I am afraid of good people doing nothing. Saying nothing.
Another Law.
Another Prison.
Another “War on…”.

I am afraid of the people around me because I have watched them advocate for everything I see wrong in the world.
Another day.
Another dollar.

I am afraid that, one day, I will be in the crosshairs.
Another fear.
Another thing to avoid.
Another person can ever be trusted.

I am afraid that, though “Society” has, for 31 years, claimed to advocate for people like me, the labels bestowed upon me have brought only grief and suffering.
Another charity.
Another scandal.
Another apathetic John Q. Public.

I am afraid of what comes after the current desensitization and social engineering aimed at the populace in regards to “Asperger’s”.
Another scapegoat.
Another target.
Another use.

I am afraid that it will, eventually, be acceptable to cause me harm.
Another cage.
Another restraint.
Another number.

I am afraid for others.
Another follower.
Another weakling.
Another “hero”.

I am afraid they may think I am…
Another victim.
Another statistic.
Another “Whipping Boy”.

I am afraid not.


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