Fallacy of Miscognition

It almost happened.
“Society” almost noticed that four humans sought to attack, as a group, someone, in which, the same “Society” has volunteered to “protect”.
I say that “Society” has “volunteered” to “protect” this man in Chicago because, well, the same “Society” has deemed individuals of certain characteristics unable to “care for” themselves.
When you claim the “Right” to deem someone “weaker” or “endangered”/”at risk”, you volunteer for the “Responisbility” of “caring for” said individual.
These “unwritten laws” are part of the “civilized” rhetoric we ‘Muricans pride ourselves upon.
Yet, all I can see my fellow countrymen upset about is…black and white.
“What if he were black and it were four whites? Huh, what then?!?!”
It almost got past “Racial Differences”.
Now there is an airport in Florida on my “Sanyo” screen.

As I sit here, reflecting upon the many things I could mention in these ramblings, I think of an NPR program discussing “Bionic Eyes” and “Cochlear Implants” to help “Disabled” people.
You can probably get some sort of funding for just about anything if you claim it will be for “helping the Disabled/Handicapped”.
I think of the heartstrings it will pull when coupled with the word “Veterans”.
Such a powerful card to play when seeking approval from “Society”.
You see, “Society” must concede to the doings and happenings that their tax dollars are spent upon through by proxy purchases by the government through various colleges and such.
We call this “Public Approval Ratings”.
I know, as many do, that these things will rarely make it to those who need them most because they have been left behind and “cannot afford” these “advancements in technology”.
Uncle Sam will always have dibs.
We call this “National Security”.
“Bionic Eyes” will not be given to a blind girl in Oklahoma, but rather to a mercenary in Israel, likely on the business end of some sort of “Human/Machine Interface” built by D.A.R.P.A.
We all know this.
We just don’t discuss it.
We call this “Politics and Religion.”
Exit stage left.

Immediately my mind leaps to how useless it is , in my opinion, for everyone doing the mathematics on empty houses and homeless “Veterans” and sitting their with their confusion.
“How could they be homeless? It’s those banksters fault!”
Not quite.
I’ll give you a hint.
Deep down, we know they’re a bunch of government paid psychopaths fighting for no one’s freedom but we can’t do anything about it. Well, except shun them and give them 50% off coffee…while they are in uniform… on “Veterans Day”.
Kind of like leaving your “Server” a penny for a tip.
“I didn’t forget, you just suck.”

This I understand.
I know why, “We”, as a “Society”, treat our personal hitmen like garbage.
Somthing in our subconscious just won’t allow us to do more beyond a “Medium, Black.” at McD’s.

We do not seek to create conflict with these people, though.
We understand, some of them are dangerous.
This used to apply to “Special Needs” people.
You didn’t mess with that “Handicapped Kid” in 5th grade because he would break your arm if he got ahold of it.

However, aside from the fact that he is being deemed “Special Needs” and this is supposed to be the same as not attacking old women and children, most are silent beyond their strong opinion that somehow, it would be okay if there were less melanin involved.

However, there is no time to discuss this now, or likely, ever.
Florida is “Trending”.
Tomorrow awaits.

Compartmentalization: Alternating among multiple, inconsistent concepts with little or no attempt to recognize or reconcile the inconsistencies.


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