Same Song and Dance

We are all different.
We are all the same.

This individuality is a commonality.

As a single bee is lost within the hive.
As a single bird is lost within the flock.

Did you know that bees “dance” to explain the GPS cooordinates of a location rich in food?
A “body language”, if you will.

Did you know that birds imitate the chirps they learned from their parents?
“Singing the cues”.

We “Sapiens”…we try so hard to believe we are special.
Above all else.

So we destroy it.
Little by little.
Parking lot.

We have the “right” to murder the planet.
We are “civilized”!
We are not animals!

Yet, all around the world,
just like the “birds and the bees” are “more than welcome” to do their work in the garden…

you’re only noticed if you sting someone in the face or shit on something pretty.


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