This “con” is fine.
Context. Slipping away.
I know there are no “walls” made of concrete.
I cannot see “bars” made of steel.

Yet, I am trapped.
“Pacing” from one end of my garage, to the other.
Like a predatory cat stolen from his freedom.
Placed in a zoo for none to see.

I would not learn tricks.
I could not be trained.
I ran from my captors.

Then I committed the “ultimate sin” and showed my captors I was willing to “bite the hand that feeds”.

Released back into the “wild” of Mankind’s “Civilization”.
Instincts, long forgotten.
Unable to hunt for my own food.
I walk aimlessly until I collapse from exhaustion.
Longing for the cage that repressed all else I know.

What a powerful comfort from such a disturbing experience.
What a powerless confrontation from such a distracted “ex prisoner”.


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