Follow The Money(Makers).

“People” seem to be curious as to how a “rapist” can be released after 3 months while a “drug dealer” may spend the rest of his life behind bars.
I shall proffer my contentions and let you query as to whether or not you see what I see.
You see, I cannot, as a “Police Officer” by profession, sell a “rape victim” to another “rapist”.
I can however, find an “addict”, threaten him with “incarceration”, in which case I will point out that he will experience withdrawal from the drugs, I will explain how poor the medical care is at the county jail, then I will offer him to do my job for me. If he won’t “work for me” as a “confidential informant” out of fear, I will offer him drugs I have taken from the “dealer/addict” I “busted” earlier in the day. I oftentimes, as you hear in stories of mythical “cool cops”, “confiscate” drugs from random motorists and allow them to go free. These “drugs” cannot be logged in as “evidence” because I am not claiming that someone has committed a crime, am I?
You see, a “War on Drugs” is, simply, a “guaranteed bet”, and a “War on Immorality” would have “million to one” odds.

“It takes money to make money.”
It takes “free prison labor” to make “battle dress uniforms”.
More “battle” means more “labor”
It takes the local “drug epidemic” to make a local company that makes war materials expanding be viewed as “Economic Growth”.
More “heroin cut with fentanyl” means more airplanes… to carry bombs.
It takes a whole lot more than “sexual assault” to make money.
That money has to be made elsewhere.
Facebook. Twitter. Etc.
The ratings go up and the logins increase.
Share. Share. Share.
Comment. Comment.
The machine churns on.

All the while, millions of untested “rape kits” go unnoticed while “Murica” demands that welfare recipients be tested for cannabis if they buy a steak at WalMart.

All the while, the murderer who is dumb enough to risk his life in Afghanistan to maintain Eli Lilly’s stronghold on opium is the “poster boy” for P.T.S.D. and the #1 cause for a diagnosis is, actually, sexual assault on females, by males. A lot of those males, are “law enforcement” and/or “military”.

It is not “conducive to business” to cage the immoral, only the ignorant.
Deceptions and distractions are the business and “business is good”.

“We blame society, but we are society.”


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